Different types of Chef knives

General information about the different chef knives;

Different types of knives have their specific uses when it comes to the preparation of food.

Chefs knife

It is also referred to as a cook’s knife. The chef’s knife is used to prepare food by slicing and cutting through large amounts of beef. It has an estimated blade length of eight inches and a width of 1.5 inches.

kitchen knives

These are knives that are mainly used in the preparation of food in the kitchen. Various knives are designed for specific purposes depending on the size and strength of the blades.


A grindstone is a tool that is used for sharpening kitchen knives. The tool is placed on top of a countertop or a grinding board, usually made of wood. The tip of the grindstone is set to a specific angle where it makes contact with the edge of the blade while the other side faces upward.

Japanese knives

They are famous for their superior quality, and Japanese cutlery, in general, is considered among the finest manufactured in the world. It has a unique feature of cutting by pulling it towards you and moving it back and forth.

Knife set

A knife set is a complete collection of knives. Knife sets differ based on the types of kitchen utensils that they include. They may come with a wooden block that protects the blades from being damaged when not in use.

Vegetable knives

Vegetable knives are typically used for slicing vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. In addition, they are used for chopping herbs. Vegetable knives are not everyday household items like other kitchen knives.

Kitchen scissors

Kitchen scissors are small handheld tools that have a rounded blade. It is usually used to cut fabric but can help slice bread or anything else that needs to be cut into thin slices.

Slicing knives

Slicing knives are used for slicing meat, cheese, or any other type of food. Slicing knives do not need much pressure to cut their food due to their slender shape and thin edges.

Peeling knife

A peeling knife is a knife used for peeling fruits and vegetables. Peeling is done using a single stroke of the peeler against the fruit or vegetable without making many turns. A good peeler should allow you to extract more skin than a regular knife would.

Santoku knives

These knives are mainly used for three purposes, that is slicing, mincing, and dicing. Santoku knives have a straight edge with a narrow blade that resembles a sheep’s foot.

Sushi knife

It is a long knife used by the Japanese to slice raw fish and other types of seafood.

Universal knives

Generally, they are knives used by all chefs, regardless of whether they specialize in sushi or steak.

Boning knife

A boning knife is a carving knife that helps in removing bones from meats. (https://www.originalekniver.no) Boning knives are also called poultry shears because they are used to break down chicken carcasses. (https://www.originalekniver.no/kokkekniv/)

Filleting knife

It is a very flexible knife used to fillet and prepare fish and has a 6-11 inches long blade.

Bread knife

A bread knife is used to cut loaves of bread. (https://www.originalekniver.no/slipesteiner/) Bread knives are used to slice thick pieces of bread, crusts, and baguettes.


A whetstone is a tool from Japan used for sharpening steel blades of knives and other cutting utensils such as scissors.